TGIF x E-Sports Gathering (Hearthstone)

TGIF x E-Sports Gathering (Heathstone)
Date: Friday, 24th August, 2018
Time: 7pm – 9pm

It’s that time of the month again!
That’s right, Thank God it’s Friday is coming round the corner, and you’re invited!

With an aim to ensure that you’re not just working hard, we’ve got you covered to play hard too!

For any Hearthstone players out there, we're super excited to announce that we're meshing up our TGIF with an E-Sports Gathering night!

As always, SCOOPIES are entitled for FREE BEER.
Be sure to register yourself with the provided link.

E-Sports Gathering (Hearthstone)
We know that the number of players into E-Sports is growing and gaming is about to become a 100 billion dollar industry by 2025 as we progress further into the digital era.

Let's cultivate the gaming culture in Penang and help those who love to play games by giving them a chance to show how good they are in the games they played the most.

This is a gathering for those who play Hearthstone. Amature or Pro, we welcome you to come and have fun and have a 1v1 with any players present on that day.

The Overseer of this Gathering
Calvin Chan is a Penang Green Activist and Penang Green Idol 2016. In 2017, he set up Food Plus Life to tackle the issue of Food Surplus that leads to Food Waste. At least 300kg of avoidable Food Waste is prevented from going into the landfills weekly. He also set up Hope Street and Mushin Care where the public and any at all can donate food surplus and groceries to those in need such as the low-income family. Furthermore recently, he set up 3 Food Bank in Penang and Scoopoint is one of it! On top of that, he loves gaming too and his two favourite online games are Hearthstone and DOTA2.
Fri Aug 24, 2018
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM MYT
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General Admission FULL
Venue Address
46, Pengkalan Weld, George Town Malaysia
Scoopoint Co-working